Hawaiian Honu

Hawaiian Honu

The Hawaiian waters are truly magical. The ocean sustains all life on earth in some way or another, helps to keep our world balanced and provides an incredible playground for all kinds of animals. During a Maui surf lesson with Maui Surf Clinics, we enjoy the ocean in a wide variety of ways. Of course, there’s the waves…But we also cherish all the plant and animal life we get to share the water with and we love taking our students out so they can experience the magic of it too…

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle — or Honu — is the most common and largest sea turtle in Hawai’i. During your surf lesson, it is not unusual to spot one popping its head up or swimming by the outer reef. We always feel very lucky to see one anytime and love sharing some of our knowledge about them with our guests…

The Hawaiian Honu is the largest hard-shelled turtle in the entire world with the biggest weighing in at around 300 pounds! These Honu primarily feast on sea grasses and algae — which in turn adds to their green-yellow color. Honus can remain underwater for hours depending upon the animal’s size due to their huge lungs. The Hawaiian Honu has excellent underwater vision, but a little trouble with distances when above the sea.

In ancient Hawai’i, many families felt that the Honu was connected to them — their family’s aumākua — and so the animals were honored and cared for. Today, every type of sea turtles is listed as endangered in the USA, making it illegal to cause harm, bother, or even touch one.

Turtles are friendly, harmless, and you are truly lucky whenever you are in their presence. Just be sure to enjoy their effortless swimming and gentle spirits from a distance.