Maui Surf Lessons

How tide affects the waves and surf lessons

Lahaina Breakwall is the perfect spot for surf lessons on Maui for many reasons. The waves are very consistent, the winds relatively predictable and the crowd is friendly and excited.

Another condition to consider when scheduling a surf lesson or renting a surf board is the tide. Surfing at the Breakwall can happen during any phase of the tide — high to low — but there are certain factors connected to it that can come into play to make your surf session even more enjoyable.

Let’s begin with high tide…
High tide, in essence, means more water. This can translate to either a hindrance or a help, depending on the surfer. Sometimes, a very high tide can make for a more bumpy ride on the waves as there can be lots of “swirling” and “back-swishing” around of the water off of the seawall. This phenomena does not solely characterize high tide as an unfavorable condition, however. In fact, high tide can be favorable for some beginners as it makes the reef less of an issue when it comes to the inevitable “experience-enhancing” wipeouts. It really is just a matter of being aware of what kind of conditions you’re about to enter into.

Low tide, on the other hand, creates the potential to come into contact more often with the reef…Which is not good for neither you nor the reef! Conversely, the waves (all other wind and swell factors aside) tend to yield smoother rides during a lower tide. Again, it always depends on the surfer, but if one is to generalize about favorable conditions, lower tides can often be very fun for small keiki (kids)!

As an overview, tides impact the waves quite a bit and consequently your Maui surf lesson. It’s always best to watch the conditions for a while before paddling out and our instructors at Maui Surf Clinics help you understand the basics to make for the most fun and safest surf sessions! Join us today for your Maui surf lesson…You will learn a lot and have a blast!