Our Eco-cultural Tour on Stand Up Paddle Boards

The ocean has always been central to life in Hawai'i, providing food, cultural benefits and recreation. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, Hawaiians once sustained abundant coral reef fisheries and sophisticated fish pond aquaculture. On our 2 hour SUP tour, we will tell you the story of Lahaina back when this sacred place was mostly wetlands, what challenges its natural resources are facing today, and finally how our community works together to help to restore them.

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Stand Up Paddle Tour
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(all equipment included , SUP beginner level)
Stand Up Paddle Tour Maui
The "Kumulipo" is an ancient Hawaiian creation chant that explains how life began. The chant tells us that the "KO'A" (coral polyp) was the first organism created and that life in the sea and life on land are inexorably connected. On your SUP adventure, your guide introduces you to the history and coral formation of this specific area and also its marine life. You will learn about the importance of coral reefs, the challenges it faces today and how YOU can make a difference ! All while having a great time on the water!
Stand Up Paddle Tour Maui
Did you know that up until 1848, Lahaina was mostly made out of wetlands? Those large ponds were formed by an abundant fresh water source coming down from Kaua'ula Valley through underground lava tubes to the sea, the epitome of wealth in old Hawai'i! But at that time, the rise of the sugar plantations began to divert the water from the Lahaina wetlands, rendering the site a stagnant swamp. By 1917, it was completely filled in to prevent mosquito growth. Find out how that event impacted Lahaina culturally and ecologically and how our community is working together in hope to restore the health of its natural ressources.