Maui Surfing Lessons

Lele (Lahaina) Maui Surf Lessons…And Much More

Surf Lessons in Maui are an integral part about experiencing the Hawai’i lifestyle and learning about the culture. At Maui Surf Clinics, we take your opportunity to learn and engage one step further! We offer the Lele Eco-Cultural SUP tour.

This Maui surf lesson is like no other! We will take you on a historical and information adventure, all the while learning and honing in on your stand-up paddle skills. We impart knowledge regarding Lele’s (aka Lahaina) rich history and teach you about the world that exists beneath the surface of the ocean…

This is a tour for any and EVERY one. We encourage you to join us today to gain insight into the beautiful and revered land of Lahaina. It will expand your perspective and make your future surf lessons and sessions that much more meaningful…Check us out today! We look forward to sharing our knowledge.