Maui Surfing Lessons

Life Below The Sea

The oceans of the world – their composition, temperature, tides and currents – immensely influence worldwide, sensitive systems that make the earth habitable for not only humankind, but all living things. The management of our oceans is paramount in determining the state of our earth’s future health. During Maui surf lessons with Maui Surf Clinics, we like to emphasize the cultural and environmental significance of our oceans along with teaching our students all about how to catch some waves.

To highlight the extent that oceans come into play throughout the world, we’ve compiled some facts and figures regarding the sea…Oceans make up about 3/4 of the earth’s surface and contain 97% of the earth’s water. More than three billion people utilize the ocean — it’s marine life and coastlines — for their livelihoods. Oceans have the ability to absorb nearly 30% of CO2 in the atmosphere — greatly helping to offset impacts of climate change. Our world’s oceans are home to about 200,000 known species — ones not yet identified may put that number in the millions.

It is clear that our oceans are more than just salt, water and waves. They are the backbone of our earth’s life forms — including humans. As members of a community that regularly interacts with the ocean, Maui Surf Clinics feels honored and humbled to be able to help perpetuate the health of our seas by spreading awareness about its amazing, life breathing aspects. Join us for a lesson today and come learn from, enjoy and experience the ocean today.