Maui Surf Lessons

Maui Surf Breaks

When talking surfing, there are endless aspects to consider. Everything from the wind to the tide, the seafloor to the marine life present! As a beginner, it can be disconcerting to know where to begin…That’s where Maui Surf Clinics comes in!

When assessing a surf break (which is always encouraged before one paddles out), it’s key to know what it is that is causing the waves you see to be ridable. A surf break is an underwater attribute such as a sandbar, boulders or rocks or — in the case of Lahaina Breakwall — a reef! Deepwater trenches and canyons can also, at times, come into play in how a wave forms and breaks. Marine life — such as seaweed or kelp — can also attribute to the breaking of a wave in terms of shape and speed.

All of the elements that make up the specific surf break are good to know so you can have a better idea of what to expect, as well as maintain your safety when surfing. Knowing how to wipe out or what to be aware of as a potential threat will ensure a fun and successful surf session.

Our seasoned instructors at Maui Surf Clinics will guide, explain and encourage you throughout the entirety of your Maui surf lesson. Come check us out today and learn EVERYTHING you need to know about paddling out at the Lahaina Breakwall.