Ola I Ka Wai

Aloha e komo mai! Welcome to Maui and its sun drenched beaches, bright, abundant rainbows, cascading water falls, and reef stringed coastlines! Many visitors to Maui come here to explore the natural wonders of the island…

At Maui Surf Clinics, we enjoy every aspect of island life as well. We care deeply and have a strong reverence for the ocean and the reefs that help to create our many surf breaks. Our Maui Surf Clinics ‘ohana feels it is so important to share our knowledge and love with our guests during our Maui surf lessons in hopes that the appreciation will continue long after the lesson has ended.

A topic we would like to discuss directly impacts surf lessons on Maui — among many other facets of life on the island…The reef. Currently, Maui has a reputation of great beauty and health — but our reefs are in jeopardy and being aware of what is going on is the first step in helping the situation.

Maui County has been involved in an ongoing court case dealing with wastewater injection wells into ground water in Lahaina. Many community groups in Maui have brought the reality of how this injection entering the ground eventually ends up in the near offshore water — our ocean. Although this water has been treated, the nutrients and chemicals that survive treatment are still in the water that then detrimentally impact the sensitive reef ecosystem.

Going forward, it is incumbent on us as members of the Maui community — locals and visitors alike — to set a model for how to treat the earth, take a stand, and take care of our oceans. We all want clean water to swim in, to drink, to irrigate our lands with and for our reefs. We can do better. Ola I Ka Wai…Water Is Life.