Maui Surf Lesson

Reef makes perfect waves for Maui Surf Lessons

It is far too easy to characterize Maui and all the other Hawaiian islands as a “perfect” surf spot…It’s great to pay homage, but it is equally great and essential to understand how and why the waves form as they do. The reef and coral formations in Hawai’i are much of the real reason behind all the wave action that the islands receive.

The coral in Hawai’i is in a predicament, however. The reefs and corals in Hawai’i are threatened by exposure to humans. Touching, stepping, sunscreens, oils, and eutrification all pose a grave danger. Eutrification is complicated. It is directly impacted by the land and surrounding areas that produce runoff. A coral reef is intensely impacted by oils, particulate runoff and other matter that makes its way down to the closest body of water — be it river, lake or ocean… Corals always end up bearing the brunt of much of this and — being extremely sensitive —they die off quite quickly due to over growth of algae from the increased levels of phosphates and nitrates runoff.

Please pay close mind and attention always — but especially on island — to how to act, react, consume and contribute to the sensitive surrounding environment. It impacts EVERYTHING…Including your next Maui surf lesson.