Maui Surfing Lessons

Safety tips for surf lessons in Hawaii

When booking a surf lesson on Maui, there are many things to consider. One of the most important things is safety. The conditions, reef and crowd are all elements that surfers need to be aware of.

The conditions for a beginner surfer are consistently favorable at the Breakwall where we teach. Small, long waves and light winds characterize this spot on most days. It is essential to learn how to decipher the conditions and once you do, to check them each and every time prior to paddling out. At Maui Surf Clinics, our instructors teach you how to do this!

The reef is a beautiful, formidable and necessary thing in Hawai’i. At the Breakwall, the reef is what helps to create the perfect beginner wave to learn how to surf. It’s also hard, and ALIVE! Avoiding stepping/walking on and touching it at any point is critical in learning how to surf well and respect the ocean. (But don’t worry, we give you reef shoes just in case).

Lastly, when taking a surf lesson on Maui, it is important to know how to navigate your way around the crowd. It’s always fun to share the surf break with other surfers, but it essential to know how to stop and control your board. Stopping your board while riding a wave is something we teach at Maui Surf Clinics and will be the number one thing you can learn during your Maui surf lesson. Come check us out to learn what you need to in order to stay safe on the water!