The unwritten rules

If you want to become a surfer, you must learn the rules of the sport.
Surfing Etiquette is the most important thing to learn before you set foot in the surf. These rules are not so much “rules” as they are a proper code of conduct designed to keep everyone in the water safe and happy. According to these are the top 11 rules every new surfer needs to know before paddling out:
1) Always study the lineup before you paddle out. If the conditions are beyond your abilities, go somewhere else or surf another day.
2) Whenever possible, paddle around the lineup, not through it.
3) Beginners/novices should stay off-to-the-side of the crowd, observe, and only attempt to catch waves that pass through unridden.
4) If a collision between a paddler and a rider looks imminent, paddlers should “keep their line” and let the rider be the one to take evasive action.
5) Try your best not to be a wave hog – wait your turn, and avoid the temptation to back paddle (‘cutting in line’ by paddling around a surfer and dropping in behind).
6) Unless the threat of injury is a distinct possibility, never ditch (abandon) your board.
7) Unless previously agreed to, it’s one surfer per wave, or two surfers per two-way peak.
8) In general, first surfer up, closest to the curl, has the right of way.
9) If you inadvertently drop-in on someone, immediately and safely exit the wave.
10) If you lose your board, you are responsible for it. This includes any surfboard damage or injury that may result.
11) Don’t be a jerk. Apologize if you drop-in on someone. Explain firmly yet kindly when an unknowing novice breaches etiquette. Do your best to share. Help other surfers in trouble. Always pick up your trash.
Here at Maui Surf Clinics we make it a priority to teach our clients surfing etiquette. If you are planning on taking surf lessons with us while visiting the Island of Maui, we promise you will be educated about the “unwritten rules” of surfing. Our goal at Maui Surf Clinics is to educate our students on all aspects of surfing- the more knowledge you have- the better surfer you will become.