Maui Surf Lessons

Things to consider before your Maui surf lesson

There are many things to consider when it comes to surf lessons on Maui. Which day and time will be the best for your session? How will you prepare — mentally and physically? What size board will you use? Luckily, we at Maui Surf Clinics are here to help you out with a lot of these considerations!

When it comes to board selection, well, it isn’t always easy or straightforward. A lot of the decision hinges on experience level, surf conditions and the size of the surfer. If you are new to the ancient sport and art of surfing, a longer and bigger board is going to be more advantageous to you than a shorter or smaller one. You will invariably ride more and longer waves on a bigger board which will directly translate to learning how to catch waves on your own faster, an easier time paddling and having lots more fun.

If the waves are small(ish), you generally will have more luck (aka fun) riding a longer board as well. Riding a short board in small waves, although possible, is not going to yield a long ride and you’ll find yourself doing more paddling than surfing.

The size of the surfer comes into play with board selection as well. There’s pure physics involved here and in a broad sense — experience level and conditions aside — this condition will dictate a lot. A surfer needs a board that will float them, meaning having too small of a board for your body will make surfing and paddling very challenging. A surfer also needs a board they are able to control, meaning a small surfer shouldn’t have equipment that can’t be managed by them and/or their instructor.

When you book a Maui surf lesson at Maui surf clinics, we will teach you all about board selection and the rhyme and reason behind it all. Come check us out and catch some waves…Aloha!