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Maui Surf lessons
Maui Surf Clinics is one of Maui’s oldest surfing institutions. Focusing on the complete surf experience, the school places a strong emphasis on water safety, ocean awareness and surfing etiquette. Coaching with a keen eye to the subtle aspects of form and style, with a specialty in developing a proper foundation for the beginner and first-time surfers, as well as providing the tools and techniques to help hone the skills of even the most experienced surfer.

Our shop is located just steps away from the beach at The Shops at 505, where you’ll find plenty of free and paid parking + amenities. We offer surf lessons, multiple day surf clinics, and SUP lessons year-round. Limited availability, so please reserve your experience today!

Surf Lessons
Learn to surf! Let Maui Surf Clinics teach you to surf using a method that incorporates water safety, ocean awareness, and the development of a solid foundation. You'll be surfing in one easy lesson.
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Surf Clinics
Surf Better! Improve your surfing in the warm waters of Maui. For beginner through experienced surfers! In one week you'll see improvements in your surfing that would've taken years to achieve.
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Stand Up Paddleboard
Feel the stoke and experience the passion we have for SUP. A sport for all fitness levels and skills. The progression moves from flat water to surf, depending on the client’s goals.
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From The Maui Surf Clinics Blog:

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Surfing Terms

Here is a list of surf terms every beginner surfer should know…

“closeout” – a wave or a large section of a wave that breaks at the same time, making it impossible to continue surfing the open face of the wave

“deep” – the steepest part of the shoulder closest to the peak of the wave is considered the deepest part of the wave. Often when a surfer is “too deep” they are unable to drop in to a wave without falling off of their board

“down the line” – along the face of the wave

“duck dive” – a technique used to paddle out past a breaking wave. Arms push the nose of the surfboard down while the knee or foot pushes down on the tail as the surfer dips below the passing wave.

“face” – the open, unbroken part of a wave

“green wave” – an open wave allowing the surfer to surf along the face of the wave, going either left or right parallel with the beach instead of straight towards the beach

“inside” – when paddling for a wave, “inside” refers to the person closest to the peak of the wave. “Inside” also refers to the shallower part of the water closest to shore.

“kick out” – to surf out of the wave, ending your ride (also called flicking out)

“lineup” – the area where the waves normally begin breaking. Surfers sit on their boards in the lineup and wait for waves to break.

“longboard” – a longer, wider, thicker surfboard. Longboards catch waves much easier than shortboards but are much harder to control and turn.

“left” – a left is a wave that is breaking to the left. The direction “Left” is used by the surfer when describing the direction of the wave while facing shore. Therefore, from the beach, a “left” is described as a wave that breaks from left to right.

“outside” – when paddling for a wave, “outside” refers to the person further away from the peak of the wave. “Outside” also refers to the deeper part of the water, where the biggest waves break, further from shore.

“peak” – the immediately breaking part of the wave.

“right” – a right is a wave that is breaking to the right. The direction “right” is used by the surfer when describing the direction of the wave while facing shore. Therefore, from the beach, a “right” is described as a wave that breaks from right to left.

“section” – a part of a wave. When a surfer “makes a section” a surfer is staying in front of a breaking section of the wave.

“set wave” – a larger wave (the largest waves usually break in sets of 2,3, or 4)

“shortboard” – a shorter, narrower, thinner surfboard. It is more difficult to catch a wave on a shortboard than it is on a longboard, but a shortboard can be controlled/turned much easier.

“shoulder” – the unbroken section of the wave directly next to the peak

“turtle roll” – a technique used to paddle a longboard out past a breaking wave. Longboards are generally too big to duck dive. With the turtle roll technique the surfer turns upside-down and propels the surfboard (also upside down) through the breaking wave.

“whitewash” – the broken white water of a wave moving straight towards shore

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The Experience

It’s about the experience. It’s about the clients and their dreams, or goals, or facing fears; experiencing something as a family or maybe just having fun; finding a new passion..or sharing a passion. It’s been our dream to create a place for all of these experiences to take place. A safe, quality, educational and fun place to allow these experiences to occur. We have a staff whom combined together has over 100 years of surf experience… we have a lot to share and the desire to share it… we are educated about surfing and our oceans on every level; from surfing ability to unique teaching techniques to knowledge of the reef systems and the waves, and the hows and whys that they move; we know the history of surfing and are trained as ocean lifeguards, we are water men and woman, this is what we live to do… to share this knowledge and experience with you… our clients… your dreams. Surfing will change your life, maybe only for a moment or maybe forever… it’s a beautiful thing, and to feel one with nature is indescribable. The best part is it’s there for every man, woman, and child who want’s it. We believe, through experience, that no matter the body shape or type, age, handicap or fear there is no reason you cannot experience riding waves. See you in the water!

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Epic Summer!

Summer is officially over, you wouldn’t know it by the record high temperatures or bath water ocean temps, but students are back in school and the Island has slowed down. As per usual, conditions are ideal for surf lessons and as we look out at the waves we reminisce about last weeks epic south swell….and the one before that…and the one before that! What a great summer we had! Summer kids camps were a blast! We are already planning for the winter break surf camp; we had the pleasure of surfing with so many returning clients, it really reminds us why we are all here, so cool!; Also we met so many new clients from all around the world; and most of all we shared the culture of surfing with each child and adult that came through our surf school. Feeling blessed we now anticipate the winter swells and enjoy the uncrowned surf spots, teaching surfing & SUP, and simply enjoying the Island life. We will continue to post on our blog with surfing tips, stories, updates, and surf school news.

Much Aloha- MSC

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