Realize your SURFING Potential

Maui Surfing Lessons

Multiple Day Surf Clinics are designed for Intermediate Surfers looking to take their surfing to the next level.

Multiple Day Surf Clinics

Surf Clinics span multiple days, with  2-5hrs of surfing each day. Clinics range from 3-7 days and may be consecutive days or spread out throughout your visit. We guarantee you will transform and accelerate your surfing to new heights of confidence and precision.

Surf Clinics are designed for ALL levels of surfing, even if it’s your first time. In one week you will see improvement in your surfing that would have otherwise taken years to achieve. We offer Private, Semi-Private and small group clinics. We also encourage children and adults to participate in clinics together, it’s a great activity for the family.

We believe the more knowledge you have about the ocean the better surfer you will be. We have method of teaching that helps individuals learn crucial information enabling you to understand all the different aspects of surfing. The focus of our clinics varies between individuals but typically includes reading waves; identifying rip currents, general ocean currents & other potential hazards; practicing surfing etiquette; finding appropriate surfboard based on goals and ability; reaching achievements of surfing bigger waves, catching more waves more efficiently, a shorter board, turning down the line or simply having more fun; and most importantly ocean safety.

• We have a variety of surfboards available for clinics, ranging from soft boards to high performance longboards to shortboards.
• Clinics may include surfing at top surf spots around the Island- available to experienced surfers only.
• Due to the individualized nature of our clinics, reservations must be booked over the phone. Please call in advance, space is limited.