Maui Surf Lesson

The Experience

It’s about the experience. It’s about the clients and their dreams, or goals, or facing fears; experiencing something as a family or maybe just having fun; finding a new passion..or sharing a passion. It’s been our dream to create a place for all of these experiences to take place. A safe, quality, educational and fun place to allow these experiences to occur. We have a staff whom combined together has over 100 years of surf experience… we have a lot to share and the desire to share it… we are educated about surfing and our oceans on every level; from surfing ability to unique teaching techniques to knowledge of the reef systems and the waves, and the hows and whys that they move; we know the history of surfing and are trained as ocean lifeguards, we are water men and woman, this is what we live to do… to share this knowledge and experience with you… our clients… your dreams. Surfing will change your life, maybe only for a moment or maybe forever… it’s a beautiful thing, and to feel one with nature is indescribable. The best part is it’s there for every man, woman, and child who want’s it. We believe, through experience, that no matter the body shape or type, age, handicap or fear there is no reason you cannot experience riding waves. See you in the water!